With vehicles zooming and new structures being constructed everywhere; it is no wonder that our Earth’s atmosphere has become highly polluted. The pollution levels are so high that even the air inside houses is not clean. They host a large population of different virus and bacteria that are bound to cause adverse effects on your health. Ventilation systems are layered with dust and air circulation tends to get worse as time progresses. So, what is the solution? Hiring a duct cleaning service!!

Once you hire a duct cleaning service, you can visibly see the difference it makes. Allergies reduce and everyone will look a little healthier as they breathe in dust free air. Though, there happens to be no scientific proof to back this theory, the personal experience of many people from across the globe, especially those in polluted cities speaks volumes in favour of this service.


Signs that you need Duct Cleaning

  • Excessive dust at home. You can sometimes find it settled overnight on tables, televisions or any flat surfaces.
  • Change in temperature of air inside the house
  • Construction work nearby will definitely require an immediate duct cleaning as this means airborne particles of cement and dust accumulate inside your house.
  • Dark filtration lines visible on windows or walls
  • Ducts are infested with vermin like rats, cockroaches and other such creatures
  • Increase in allergies

What to do in such cases

Select a good duct cleaning service provider like cleaning corp which provides the best office cleaning services in Adelaide in addition to other cleaning services. Also, if you find a company advertising about the health benefits, please steer clear of it. There is no scientific proof of this till date. Verify the license and ask around about the reputation of the company before rounding in.

How to maintain the area properly

Once the cleaning is done, your ducts must be free from both rodents as well as dust. Also, to procrastinate dust accumulation, use filters of high quality and change them regularly. Clean and vacuum your house regularly to remove dirt and keep it dust free. Also, make sure your air ducts do not accumulate moisture as this will provide a fertile surface for bacterial growth. So, repair any water leakage issues and keep your ducts moisture and dust free as much as possible.

These tips if followed will definitely help you in keeping the ducts inside your house clean and healthy.

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