gay_lesbian_straight_bisexual_human__Being gay and bisexual has become more widely accepted especially after famous celebrities have come out of their closets.  It is really important for celebrities to set up an example and embrace their sexuality since this can help a lot of young people who don’t know how to deal with their own sexuality.

Some of the gay and bisexual celebrities are also some of the most beautiful and sexy as celebrities in the world.  Here is my list of top ten gay and bisexual celebrities.

Alan Cumming-210. Alan Cumming

The famous actor has never been shy about the fact that he is bisexual.  In bracing his sexuality he has set up on example for all the young people who admire him.

9. Michelle Rodriguez

This hot Latina likes both men and women and it is not shy to admit it.  Also she’s very sexy and I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t find her appealing to both men or women alike.

8. Rupert Everett

This sexy gentleman is a famous movie star, but also he has never been shy when it comes to his sexuality.

7. Anna Paquin

Even though she is now married and with children, the famous actress is actually bisexual.  She gained her popularity when she was just a small, young girl but that hasn’t changed our one bit.  Later on she continued to star in one of the most famous TV shows of our time, proving that she is also an amazing actress.

6. Jillian Michaels

Another hot, sexy celebrity love is of course Jillian Michaels.  The famous trainer supports love towards both sexes, and really gives a chance to love.

Megan Fox5. Megan Fox

This hot sexy celebrity star might be currently married but she had never hidden the fact that she is bisexual.

4. Matt Dallas

OMG, the hot actor who starred in Kyle XY it is also gay, and only a can just say that he is also very sexy!

3. Jim Parsons

The loveable actor has most unique charm, but not only that but he’s also very hot in his own way.  He’s definitely one of the hottest gay celebrities out there.

2. Neil Patrick Harris

Legen – DARY Neil Patrick Harris is also the gay and very, very sexy.  But you will be disappointed as to learn that he is married.  With his partner Neil Patrick Harris is currently raising two children – good for them!

1. Ricky Martin

Another sexy dad with twins no more or less is the hot Latino singer Ricky Martin. Even though he was a bit shy to admit that he was gay during the early days of his career, nowadays he’s a proud dad, living with his family and of course his husband. Still, he is one of the hottest and sexiest celebrities out there with whom we would love to have a vida loca!

Ricky Martin on Coming Out to the World

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